Damien Athletic Hall of Fame members


Ricky Davis – Class of 1976 Football and Soccer

Thomas Henley – Class of 1983 Football, Basketball, Track and Field

Mark McGwire – Class of 1981 Basketball and Baseball

Dennis Shaw – Class of 1965 Football, Basketball, and Baseball

Geoff Vanderstock – Class of 1964 Football and Track and Field

Coach Tom Carroll – Athletic Director, Football Coach, Baseball Coach

Fr. Patrick Travers – Vice Principal, Principal, President


Bill Duffy – Class of 1977 Basketball

Michael Fox – Class of 1979 Soccer and Golf

Grant Miller – Class of 2004 Water Polo and Swimming

Joe Vigil – Class of 1980 Football, Basketball, and Baseball

Coach Dick Larson – Head Varsity Football Coach

Robert Prata – Class of 1984 – Extraordinary Contributor to Damien Athletics


Tim Bell – Class of 1980 Basketball

Connor LaRose – Class of 1997 Cross Country, Soccer, and Baseball

Dan Marconi – Class of 1978 Football, Basketball, and Baseball

Coach Jim O’Brien – Football Coach, Soccer Coach, Golf Coach

Chuck Ballingall – Voice of Damien Athletics for 35 Years