Spartans News · Some Great Tips for Our Student-Athletes

Virtual Student-Athlete Success Tips



  1. Develop an academic routine that includes an area for you to study and complete your online classwork.


  1. Do some type of physical activity daily that’s feasible in your home environment, whether it’s sport specific drills, sit-ups, push-ups, running, jump rope, fitness app, etc.


  1. Remember that good sleep habits and managing stress are always important for physical and mental health.


  1. Become a student of the game; read articles so you can learn about your specific sport and watch past game film as a tool to learn and grow.


  1. Stay connected with teammates and coaches virtually via Zoom, FaceTime, etc.


  1. Stay connected with family and friends virtually via Zoom, FaceTime, etc.


  1. Explore an interest, hobby, or activity that you might not otherwise have the time to do. Find ways to bring new, novel experiences, even if small, into your life during this time.


  1. Remember your “why” – the reason why you fell in love with the sport and the great memories you have in your sport.